Our organza grape protection bags are the Alternative to chemical Insecticides. Across Europe, more And more Winemakers are protecting their precious Grapes from Wasps and other Predators with our colourful Bags. The Bags are weather-resistant and can be used multiple times.

Organza grape protection bag

Insects are the Winemaker’s Nightmare. Whether Wasp, Cherry Vinegar Fly or Birds all fruit lovers in the Animal Kingdom pose a Threat to a successful Harvest.

„Bring Peace to your Garden, protect your Grapes.“

Our organza grape protection bags are eweather-resistant. They defy any Weather Situation and maintain their Colour and Airiness. With our Bags, your Grapes are safely packed, whatever the Weather.

The Grape Protection Bag  Can be used several times. After your successful Harvest, the Bags can easily fold up and use them for your Fruits again next Year. Since our Bags are universally Applicable, you can protect your Favorite fruit. There are no Limits to Your Creativity.

Small Gardeners and Amateur Winemakers resort to questionable Tips from The Internet out of desperation. Bread Bags, Plastic Bags and similar adventurous Ideas leave the Fruit with no Room to Breathe. Our Grape Protection Bag is very different: Our finely woven fruit dresses leave enough Room for the Grapes to Grow and thus ensure optimal Maturation.

Whether Grape, Kiwi, Raspberry, Cherry or Apple. Start now to protect your Fruits and bring Peace to your Garden. We offer a variety of Sizes that match your Fruits.
Which organza table size is recommended?
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  • 23 x 15 cm – is ideal for smaller grape varieties, peaches, and kiwifruit

  • 30 x 20 cm – is the ideal size for normal wine and table grape bunches

  • 40 x 30 cm – is suitable for covering e.g. raspberries, black- or red currants




„Many GrapeCapes envelop my Grapes on the South Side of my House, protect them from Birds, Wasps and most importantly, from the Fruit Fly. I will have an excellent Grape harvest again this Year thanks to the Bags.“

J. Rheine

„The Wasps bite the Grapes, it’s how they start to rot. Since we put GrapeCapes Over the Grapes in our Front Yard, the Berries have been saved. A nice Side effect is that we can now sit relaxed on our Terrace without being driven to Escape by the Wasps.“

B. Dubouis


1. Determine Size and order matching Bags

We offer various Sizes – suitable for each Fruit

Note the Measurements and choose the right Fruit Protection bag. Whether Grape, Kiwi, Raspberry, Cherry or Apple we have the right Bag. If you have Any questions, our Staff will be on hand to Provide you with Advice and Assistance.


2. Pull the Grape Cape over the Fruit

Fast Delivery – Easy Use

Fruit Protection has never been so easy. Remove Bags from the Packaging and get started. Simply pull the Bag over the Fruit to be protected – your Fruit is also safe from Birds, Wasps and Spotted wing Drosophila

Close the Bag

3. Harvesting the Fruits

Airy and sunny fruit straight from your Garden.

Are the fruits ripe for harvest, carefully open the Bag and remove it from the Fruit. You can use The fruit Protection again next Year, so pack the Protection properly after Use. Now you can enjoy your sweet self-harvested Delicacies with Friends and Family.




for the hobby gardener

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